Vector Art Services

What is Vector Art?

Vector art refers to digital graphics that are created using vector graphics software. Unlike raster or bitmap images that are made up of pixels, vector art is composed of paths, points, and curves based on mathematical equations. This method allows for the creation of images that can be infinitely scaled without losing quality. In the dynamic realm of digital design, the demand for high-quality visuals is paramount. One of the cornerstones of achieving this quality lies in the use of vector artwork. 

Odd Infotech A Leading Vector Art Service Provider

Among the myriad of companies offering vector artwork services, Odd Infotech stands out as a leading provider. With a team of skilled professionals and a track record of delivering top-notch vector art services, Odd Infotech caters to the diverse needs of clients across industries.

Overview of Odd Infotech Vector Art Services

Odd Infotech specializes in providing high-quality Vector Art Services, including Vector Artwork for Screen Printing, Image to Vector Conversion, JPG to Vector Conversion, and other vector artwork services. They excel in transforming pixel-based graphics into crisp and scalable vector formats, ensuring precision and clarity in various applications.

Odd Infotech, your trusted destination for high-quality Vector Artwork for Screen Printing. At Odds Infotech, we specialize in delivering precision and excellence in every vector, tailored specifically for screen printing applications. Our dedicated team of skilled designers is committed to transforming your ideas into impactful visuals that leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re seeking custom designs, logo vectorization, or intricate graphics, Odd Infotech is your go-to partner for all your Vector Artwork for Screen Printing needs. Experience the perfect blend of creativity and accuracy as we elevate your prints to a new level of sophistication. Choose Odd Infotech for a seamless fusion of artistry and technology in the realm of Vector Artwork for Screen Printing.

Odd Infotech, your gateway to exceptional Image to Vector Conversion services. At Odds Infotech, we specialize in the art of transforming your images into precise, scalable vectors that speak volumes. Our dedicated team combines expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure a seamless transition from raster to vector, bringing out the finest details in your visuals. Whether you have photographs, logos, or intricate designs, our Image to Vector Conversion services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Experience the magic of enhanced clarity, versatility, and professionalism as we breathe new life into your visual content. Trust Odd Infotech for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in the realm of Image to Vector Conversion – where your images find a new dimension of excellence.

Embark on a transformative journey with Odd Infotech, your go-to destination for unmatched JPG to Vector Conversion services. At Odds Infotech, we specialize in seamlessly converting your raster images into high-quality, scalable vectors that stand out. Our skilled team employs cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art tools to ensure precision and accuracy in every conversion. Whether you have intricate designs or simple graphics, Odd Infotech is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique requirements. Experience the power of enhanced clarity and versatility as we breathe new life into your images. Elevate your visual appeal with Odd Infotech – where JPG to Vector Conversion meets excellence.

Odd Infotech, we specialize in bringing your creative visions to life through meticulous attention to detail and precision. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering top-notch vectorization services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to convert raster images into scalable vectors, seeking custom vector artwork for your projects, or exploring the world of graphic design, Odd Infotech is your trusted partner. Discover the difference in quality and creativity with our expert vector artwork services. Elevate your designs and make a lasting impression with Odd Infotech – where excellence meets innovation.

Odd Infotech, we specialize in transforming pixels into high-quality vector graphic files to enhance your website design. Our vector images format and digitizing services ensure precision and clarity in every detail. Whether you need vector artwork for adobe vector illustrations or want to create a vector image from scratch, our skilled team can assist you. We offer free vector artwork and expert vector conversion services, utilizing top-notch software for raster into vector transformations. Convert an image to a vector effortlessly with our professional Illustrator graphics services. Explore our collection of free images and vectors or let us convert your image to vector art for a seamless and visually appealing result. Trust Odd Infotech for all your vector image conversion needs and experience the power of stunning vector graphics.

Benefits of Vector Art

Vector art offers several advantages over traditional raster images. Firstly, vector graphics can be scaled to any size without losing clarity or resolution, making them ideal for various applications such as printing and large-scale advertisements. Additionally, vector art also allows for quick and easy edits and modifications, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Why Choose Odd Infotech for Vector Artwork Services?

Odd Infotech stands apart from its competitors due to its commitment to excellence and unmatched expertise in vector art. Their team of skilled professionals understands the importance of precision and attention to detail in creating vector graphics. With a track record of delivering high-quality vector artwork services, Odd Infotech ensures client satisfaction and surpasses expectations.

Quality of Work

Check the quality of vector artwork produced by Odd Infotech. Look at samples or case studies to ensure they meet your standards.

Experience and Expertise

Assess the company’s experience in providing vector artwork services. A provider with a proven track record is likely to have the skills and expertise needed for your projects.

Turnaround Time

Consider the turnaround time for completing vector artwork projects. Timely delivery is crucial, especially for businesses with tight deadlines.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Look for reviews or testimonials from previous clients. Positive feedback can be a good indicator of customer satisfaction.

Communication and Customer Support

Evaluate the communication channels and customer support offered by the company. Clear and prompt communication is essential for successful collaboration.

Cost and Pricing Structure

Compare the pricing structure of Odd Infotech with other providers. Ensure that their pricing aligns with your budget and that there are no hidden costs.

Customization and Flexibility

Consider whether Odd Infotech can provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. A flexible approach to projects is often beneficial.

Security and Confidentiality

Ensure that the company has proper security measures in place to protect your artwork and any sensitive information. Confidentiality is crucial, especially if your projects involve proprietary content.

Technology and Software Proficiency

Check the tools and software used by Odd Infotech for vector artwork creation. Up-to-date software and technology can contribute to better quality and efficiency.

Legal and Copyright Considerations

Clarify the ownership and usage rights of the vector artwork created by Odd Infotech. Ensure that there are no legal issues regarding copyright or intellectual property.

Types of Vector Art Services

Various types of vector art services cater to different needs and industries. These services cater to a wide range of industries and individuals seeking high-quality, scalable, and versatile vector graphics for various purposes. Whether for branding, marketing, or artistic expression, vector art services play a crucial role in the digital and print design landscape.

Logo Vectorization

Converting raster logos or low-resolution images into high-quality vector formats for better scalability and professional use.

Image to Vector Conversion

Transforming photographs or raster images into vector format, preserving details, and allowing for scalable and editable graphics.

Illustration Services

Creating vector illustrations for a wide range of purposes, including editorial illustrations, book covers, digital art, and more.

Icon Design

Crafting scalable vector icons for websites, applications, and branding purposes.

Custom Vector Graphics

Designing unique vector graphics tailored to specific client needs, such as promotional materials, brochures, and marketing collateral.

Vector Art Digitizing

Converting hand-drawn sketches or artwork into digital vector format for ease of editing, resizing, and use in various digital platforms.

Vector Logo Design

Designing logos directly in vector format to ensure flexibility and high-quality reproduction across different mediums.

Vectorization for Print

Preparing vector files for print materials, ensuring optimal quality in printed materials like business cards, banners, and posters.

Pattern Design

Creating seamless vector patterns for textiles, wallpapers, and other design applications.

Infographic Design

Designing infographics using vector graphics to visually represent data and information in a clear and engaging manner.

Vector Tracing

Tracing hand-drawn or low-quality images to create clean and precise vector versions.

Vector Art Clean-up

Cleaning up and refining existing vector artwork for improved aesthetics and functionality.

Vectorization for CNC Cutting

Preparing vector files for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machines for applications like signage, engraving, or fabrication.

Vectorization for Embroidery

Preparing vector files for embroidery machines to create detailed and high-quality embroidered designs.

Vector Mockups

Creating vector-based mockups for products, packaging, or marketing materials to visualize the final design.

Vector Conversion for Web Graphics

Optimizing vector graphics for web use, ensuring fast loading times and responsiveness.

Vector graphic file formats

Vector images are graphics that are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels. These equations describe geometric shapes such as points, lines, and curves. This allows vector images to be scaled infinitely without losing quality, making them ideal for logos, icons, and other graphics where scalability is important.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

An XML-based vector image format widely used for web graphics and supported by most web browsers.

AI (Adobe Illustrator)

The native file format for Adobe Illustrator, a popular vector graphics editor.

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

A versatile vector file format that can contain both vector and raster graphics, often used for print and publication purposes.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

While PDFs can contain various types of content, they can include vector graphics. PDFs are commonly used for sharing documents, and they can be created from vector-based applications.


The native file format for CorelDRAW, another vector graphics editor.

DXF (Drawing Exchange Format)

 A file format used for exchanging CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings between different programs.

Vector graphic files are created and edited using vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, and others. They are particularly useful in situations where precise and scalable graphics are essential, such as in logos, icons, schematics, and illustrations.

Vector File Software

There are several software applications that you can use to create, edit, and work with vector files. Vector files are graphics that are defined by mathematical equations, allowing them to be scaled infinitely without losing quality.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is one of the most widely used vector graphics editors. It’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating and editing vector graphics.


CorelDRAW is another powerful vector graphics editor that provides a range of features for design and illustration. It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals.


Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor. It’s a great alternative for those who are looking for a free software option. Inkscape supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its main format.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a professional-grade vector graphics editor that provides a cost-effective alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It’s available for both macOS and Windows.


Sketch is a vector graphics editor primarily used for web and app design. It has gained popularity in the design community for its user interface and features focused on digital design.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a free vector design application available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web. It’s suitable for both vector illustration and layout design.


Vector is a free, online vector graphics editor that is accessible through your web browser. It’s user-friendly and suitable for simple vector graphic tasks.

When working with vector files, the most common file formats include SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), and PDF (Portable Document Format). Choose a software based on your specific needs and level of expertise, and consider factors like cost, features, and platform compatibility.

Services Offered

Explore the diverse range of vector art services offered by Odd Infotech, each catering to different visual needs.

Vector Illustrations

Odd Infotech excels in creating captivating vector illustrations that breathe life into concepts, ensuring a visual narrative that resonates with the audience.

Vector Logo Design

Crafting unique and memorable logos is a forte of Odd Infotech. The company understands the importance of a logo in brand identity and delivers designs that leave a lasting impression.

Vectorization of Raster Images

Transforming raster images into scalable vector formats, Odd Infotech ensures that visual elements maintain their integrity and clarity across various platforms.

Advantages of Choosing Odd Infotech

Uncover the advantages that make Odd Infotech the go-to choice for vector art services.

Precision and Scalability

Odd Infotech’s commitment to precision ensures that every element in the vector art is accurately represented. The scalability of vector art allows for seamless adaptation to different sizes without compromising quality.

Versatility in Design

Odd Infotech’s versatility shines through in its ability to cater to a wide range of design needs. Whether it’s intricate details or minimalist aesthetics, the company crafts designs that align with client preferences.

Timely Delivery

In the fast-paced digital landscape, time is of the essence. Odd Infotech stands out by delivering projects on time, ensuring that clients meet their deadlines without compromising on quality.

Industries Served

Discover how Odd Infotech’s vector art services leave an indelible mark across various industries.

Graphic Design Agencies

Graphic design agencies benefit from Odd Infotech’s expertise in creating visually striking designs that captivate audiences and convey brand messages effectively.

E-commerce Businesses

In the competitive world of e-commerce, visual appeal is a game-changer. Odd Infotech’s services empower e-commerce businesses to stand out with compelling visuals.

Publishing Houses

Publishing houses trust Odd Infotech to bring their ideas to life through visually appealing illustrations and designs that enhance the overall reading experience.

Step-by-Step Process of Vector Art Services

Gain insights into Odd Infotech’s meticulous step-by-step process, ensuring client satisfaction at every stage. Vector art involves using mathematical equations to create scalable and editable images. Here’s a typical process

Understanding Client Requirements

Gather detailed information about the client’s needs, including the purpose of the vector art, the target audience, and any specific requirements they may have.

Image Selection

  • If the client provides an existing image or concept, select the appropriate image to be converted into vector art. Ensure that the image has sufficient resolution for a clean vector conversion.

Tracing and Conversion

  • Use vector graphic software (such as Adobe Illustrator) to trace the selected image. This involves creating paths and shapes based on the contours and details of the original image.
  • The tracing process may involve the use of tools like the Pen Tool to create curves, lines, and shapes.


  • Add color to the vector art based on the client’s requirements. Vector art allows for easy color adjustments, so ensure that the chosen color scheme aligns with the client’s brand or preferences.

Detailing and Enhancements

  • Fine-tune the vector art by adding details, adjusting shapes, and enhancing elements to meet the desired level of quality and aesthetics.

Quality Checks

  • Review the vector art for any errors, inconsistencies, or missing elements. Check that the artwork meets the technical requirements for scalability and resolution.

Client Review

  • Share the initial vector art with the client for review. Gather feedback and make necessary revisions based on the client’s input.


  • Once the client is satisfied with the vector art, finalize the design and prepare the files for delivery.

File Formats

  • Provide the vector art in various file formats, commonly in SVG, AI, EPS, or PDF. These formats ensure that the vector art can be easily scaled and edited without loss of quality.


  • Deliver the final vector art files to the client through the agreed-upon method, whether it’s through email, a file-sharing platform, or another means.

Client Satisfaction

  • Ensure that the client is satisfied with the final vector art and address any additional requests or modifications if necessary.

Vector Services Offered

Explore the diverse range of vector art services offered by Odd Infotech, each catering to different visual needs.

Vector Free Images

For designers on a budget, accessing free vector images is a boon. Numerous websites offer vector graphics without licensing fees, but it’s crucial to understand and adhere to usage rights to avoid legal complications.

Vector Companies and Their Role

Choosing the right vector art service provider is crucial for ensuring quality and reliability. Factors such as experience, client reviews, and the ability to handle diverse projects should be considered when selecting a vector art service company.

Custom Vector Art Services

Customization adds a layer of uniqueness to vector artwork. Whether it’s tweaking an existing design or creating something entirely new, custom vector art services cater to the specific needs and preferences of clients.

FAQ’s About Vector Art Services

Odd Infotech Vector art services is a service provided by Odd Infotech that specializes in creating high-quality vector art for various purposes.

Vector art is a type of digital graphic that uses mathematical equations to create shapes and lines, allowing the image to be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Odd Infotech offers a wide range of vector art services, including logo design, illustration, icon design, and vectorizing raster images.

You can place an order for vector art services with Odd Infotech by contacting their customer support team through their website or email.

The turnaround time for vector art services at Odd Infotech may vary depending on the complexity of the project. It is best to inquire with their customer support team for specific timelines.

Yes, Odd Infotech offers raster to vector conversion services to convert your existing raster images into high-quality vector art.

Odd Infotech delivers vector art in various file formats, including AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG, ensuring compatibility with different design software and applications.

Yes, Odd Infotech provides revisions for vector art services to ensure that the final deliverables meet your expectations and requirements.

Using vector art for design projects offers benefits such as scalability without loss of quality, easy customization, and compatibility with various printing and digital media.

You can request a quote for vector art services from Odd Infotech by providing details about your project, such as the type of service needed, the complexity of the artwork, and any specific requirements you may have.