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Transform Your Pixels to Vector Graphics

Welcome to Odd Infotech, your one-stop destination for top-notch vector artwork services. With our team of vector art specialists, we offer a wide range of custom vector designs and professional vector illustrations, ensuring high-quality results that meet your specific requirements.

What We Do With Vectors

Do you want to know our secret? Odd Infotech graphic designers hand-draw every image. Our experts use Adobe Illustrator for vectorizing raster images, not just any other program. A combination of technology and human skill results in an unsurpassed level of accuracy, perhaps even better than the original.

An image editing process that converts pixels to vector files is vector conversion, also known as raster to vector conversion. The process is usually tedious to carry out by hand. The resulting image is high-resolution with clean lines and preserves the details of images, photos, and logos. Using Adobe Illustrator, we overdraft the lines of the images to create a clean result.

To begin with, you need a regular image to serve as the basis for any press work, lettering, printing, or graphing. Converting the image to a vector is the first step. In contrast to pixel files, vector files can be used for almost anything mentioned above and have the ability to be enlarged indefinitely without losing quality.

We can reproduce and enlarge your image without compromising its quality. Furthermore, when we convert png files into vectors, jpg files into vectors, and bitmap files into vectors, the result is smaller file size, making it more portable and easier to upload. Publish your new file online, print banners and signs, or engrave with a laser. Experts at Odds Infotech can convert rasters into vectors and vice versa. Images can be converted from vector format to raster format, allowing them to be saved in any size or resolution to meet your needs.

Vector Artwork Services

Discover our comprehensive range of vector artwork services that cater to various industries, including marketing, advertising, and web design.Boost the visual appeal of your digital assets with our unparalleled vector conversion services, providing pixel-perfect and scalable graphics.Partner with our skilled vector artists in the USA who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in transforming your concepts into stunning vector images.

Custom Vector Designs

 Stand out from the crowd by availing our custom vector design solutions tailored to your unique brand identity.Our experienced graphic designers specialize in creating custom vector graphics for businesses across diverse sectors, ensuring originality and creativity.


Professional Vector Illustrations

 Unleash your creative vision with our professional vector illustrations that are perfect for books, magazines, websites, and more.Our team of vectorization experts utilizes cutting-edge techniques to recreate your artwork digitally, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and detail.

Digital Illustration Services

 Elevate your brand’s visual storytelling with our digital illustration services, tailored to capture your audience’s attention.Whether you require character illustrations or detailed landscapes, our vector drawing specialists have the expertise to bring your ideas to life with precision and artistic flair.

Vector Graphics Outsourcing

Save time and resources by outsourcing your vector graphics needs to our team of creative vector solutions experts. Focus on your core business activities while we handle the intricate process of optimizing your vector images for maximum impact.

Artwork Digitization

Convert your physical artwork into digital masterpieces through our artwork digitization services. Our experienced professionals ensure seamless vectorization, preserving the integrity of your original design.

Definition and Characteristics of Pixels

Pixels, short for picture elements, are the fundamental building blocks of digital images. These tiny, square dots collectively form the visual representation on screens or in print. The characteristics of pixels include size, color, and arrangement, which determine the overall quality and clarity of an image.

Limitations of Pixel-based Graphics

Despite their ubiquity, pixel-based graphics have inherent limitations. These include a fixed resolution, resulting in pixelation when enlarged, and challenges in reproducing smooth curves. These limitations become apparent in various applications, especially when precision and scalability are paramount.

Real-world Applications

Pixels dominate applications like digital photography, web design, and video games. However, their limitations can hinder quality in scenarios where scalable and high-resolution graphics are essential, such as in logo design or printing.

Exploring Vector Graphics

Vector graphics, on the other hand, are defined by mathematical equations that create lines and shapes. They possess scalability without loss of detail and are particularly advantageous for precision-based applications.

Definition and Core Attributes

Vector graphics rely on mathematical formulas to represent images, ensuring smooth lines, regardless of size. Core attributes include scalability, resolution independence, and the ability to maintain clarity across various platforms.

Advantages over Pixel Graphics

Vector graphics overcome pixel limitations by providing infinite scalability, making them ideal for logos and illustrations. They maintain crispness regardless of size, ensuring high-quality output in various contexts.

Industries Leveraging Vector Graphics

Industries benefiting from vector graphics include logo design, branding, and any field requiring high-quality, scalable visuals, such as architecture and engineering.

Odd Infotech’s Conversion Process

Odd Infotech specializes in transforming pixel-based graphics into vector format, combining precision with scalability.

Tools and Technologies Used

Odd Infotech employs cutting-edge tools and technologies, including advanced vectorization software, to ensure accurate conversions.

Step-by-Step Conversion Procedure

  • Initial Assessment: Evaluate the pixel-based image for conversion feasibility.Conversion Algorithm: Implement advanced algorithms to convert pixels to vectors.
  • Quality Assurance Measures: Rigorous testing to ensure the final vector maintains detail and accuracy.

Benefits of Converting Pixels to Vectors

Odd Infotech’s pixel-to-vector conversion brings numerous advantages.

Scalability and Resolution Enhancement

Converted vectors can be resized without loss of quality, ensuring adaptability to various platforms.

Versatility in Printing and Design

Vector graphics are ideal for printing, ensuring crispness and precision in diverse design applications.

Storage Efficiency

Vector files are generally smaller than pixel-based counterparts, optimizing storage resources.

Common Challenges in Pixel-to-Vector Conversion.

Despite advancements, challenges may arise during the conversion process.

Loss of Detail

Converting intricate pixel details into vectors may pose challenges, requiring meticulous handling

Color Representation Issues

Ensuring accurate color representation can be challenging, especially in complex images.

Addressing Complex Shapes and Text

Converting intricate shapes and text demands specialized techniques to maintain clarity.

Applications Across Industries

Explore the wide-ranging applications of pixel-to-vector conversion.

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Enhancing visual elements in graphic design and multimedia applications.

Web and App Development

Optimizing visuals for web and app development, providing clarity across devices.


Odd Infotech uses advanced software and skilled designers to convert pixel-based images into high-quality vector images.

Odd Infotech has a proven track record of delivering top-quality vector images with attention to detail, precision, and accuracy.

Yes, Odd Infotech is equipped to handle large volumes of image conversions efficiently and within the specified timelines.

 Converting pixel images to vector format ensures scalability without loss of quality, making them ideal for various applications such as printing, signage, and branding.

The turnaround time for image conversion varies based on the complexity and quantity of images, but Odd Infotech strives to deliver efficient and timely results.

 Yes, the vector images produced by Odd Infotech are fully editable and customizable, allowing for easy modifications and adjustments as needed.

Odd Infotech provides vector images in popular file formats such as AI, EPS, SVG, and PDF, ensuring compatibility with various design and printing software.

 Yes, Odd Infotech’s skilled designers are experienced in handling intricate details and fine lines, ensuring the preservation of the original image’s quality and intricacy.

Odd Infotech offers competitive and transparent pricing based on factors such as image complexity, quantity, and specific client requirements.

Odd Infotech stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional quality, personalized attention to each project, and a seamless, hassle-free experience for clients seeking pixel to vector image conversion.