Convert pixels to vector


Oddinfotech has a team of dedicated professionals that offers you high-quality conversion services from rasters to vectors. Competitive prices, fast turnaround time, and high-quality service are what we provide to our customers. As an expert in conversions with over a decade of experience, we aim to meet your conversion needs. Our clients come from all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries, work with us.

To satisfy and retain clients, we aim to offer top-quality services. When our clients give us a deadline, we will stick to it and get the work done on time. We serve architects, researchers, engineers, e-commerce companies, among others. Expert technicians and friendly customer service representatives provide all clients with the best results possible. At all times, we promise that we will not let you down.

What We Do With Vectors

Do you want to know our secret? Oddinfotech graphic designers hand-draw every image. Our experts use Adobe Illustrator for vectorizing raster images, not just any other program. A combination of technology and human skill results in an unsurpassed level of accuracy, perhaps even better than the original.

An image editing process that converts pixels to vector files is vector conversion, also known as raster to vector conversion. The process is usually tedious to carry out by hand. The resulting image is high-resolution with clean lines and preserves the details of images, photos, and logos. Using Adobe Illustrator, we overdraft the lines of the images to create a clean result.

To begin with, you need a regular image to serve as the basis for any press work, lettering, printing, or graphing. Converting the image to a vector is the first step. In contrast to pixel files, vector files can be used for almost anything mentioned above and have the ability to be enlarged indefinitely without losing quality.

We can reproduce and enlarge your image without compromising its quality. Furthermore, when we convert png files into vectors, jpg files into vectors, and bitmap files into vectors, the result is smaller file size, making it more portable and easier to upload. Publish your new file online, print banners and signs, or engrave with a laser. Experts at Oddinfotech can convert rasters into vectors and vice versa. Images can be converted from vector format to raster format, allowing them to be saved in any size or resolution to meet your needs.

Editing Product Photos Is No Longer A Headache!

A stressful task is editing large amounts of images. To ensure communication doesn’t get lost while combining creativity and efficiency requires expertise. Workloads vary from day to day, and sometimes you wish you could copy your entire team. As expectations change, priorities shift, and the deadline looms closer, outsource all your photo editing to Oddinfotech to save on post-production costs, get better results, and reduce turnaround time.