3D Puff Embroidery Digitizing


 We all know how beautiful simple embroidered designs can be. With another technique, you can transform your game into something more impressive. You can design your products using 3D Puff embroidery digitizing as well.

Nowadays, apparel often has raised graphics, a feature that has become increasingly popular and an integral part of modern clothing. The trendy 3D-embroidered shirts and uniforms that sports teams wear often feature trendy stitching. Embroidery foam is the cause of this effect. It gave the design a beautiful angle. As a result, it enhanced its appearance and made it more appealing. In essence, it made it thick and durable. By increasing the height and depth of a design, an embroidery machine creates a 3D effect.


Puffer embroidery does not represent an entirely new idea. Over the past half-century, it has been around, but people cannot accomplish the task as flawlessly and efficiently as they should, not just because perfect execution requires experienced practitioners, but also because it takes years to master some types of it flawlessly before mastering others.

  • shirts
  •  hats
  • Jackets

Fabric types and levels of complexity differ between each of the types listed above. The fabric measurements differ according to its size and thickness, so digitizers must create masterpieces with great care. We have years of experience creating people’s ideas, so oddinfotech has a proven track record, allowing customers to rest assured of the quality of their puff digitizing.


When you puff your fabrics, designs, and logos, the process is certainly different from when you would sew them. There is also a higher cost and stitch count associated with 3D needlework when compared with 2D needlework. While using

1. Start by sewing your simple 2D designs.
2. After flattening your piece, create a break in the machine.
3. To stitch the foam, gently place it on the area where you want it stitched.
4. Stitch carefully around the puffy area.
5. Scrape the foam off the piece of art.
6. Organize the artwork.

How can Oddinfotech help you digitize your designs?

Oddinfotech is always at the forefront of the industry. We are here to offer you the best practices for 3-dimensional embroidery. Stitching with two dimensions has its charm and looks, but it becomes even more fascinating by considering its height and details. With the popularity of logo embroidery on sports uniforms and hats, 3D digitizing has gained importance. 3D digitization is also common in accessories. Our qualified digitizers will create eye-catching and powerful designs from your logos and designs. We have a team of experts who are more than prepared to dazzle you with their knowledge and expertise. It is up to you to provide us with the specifications and the design, and we will handle the rest. We have trained professionals who can handle the technical work. We need your approval to succeed. Our goal as your host is to give you a perfect look. Stringed cotton has a glossier finish than regular cotton, so we use it for a perfect finish. Stitches make a difference in the look of puff embroidery digitizing; longer stitches appear neater and better when used with puff embroidery digitizing. You can also count on us to assist in choosing what will work best for your design, as we are here to guide you along. If you want puff effects that enhance your logo or design, you can always correct the parts that need correction. You can count on us for the best results, and we hope you enjoy your investment.