Applique Embroidery Digitizing


Our company is a pioneer in offering premium applique digitizing services nationwide. Oddinfotech offers digitizing services such as custom embroidery digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, applique digitizing, vector art transformation, cap digitizing, logo digitizing, side sleeve digitizing, and many other services. Regardless of the complexity or intricacy of a work of art, our master digitizers are responsible for maintaining consistency. Our company offers complete customer satisfaction, for all orders. Oddinfotech provides apparel digitizing services, including creating digitized vector files in machine-readable formats.

Digitizing appliqués isn’t an easy skill to learn. Mastering this art takes years of training, experience, and passion. Our company has hired some of the best, most talented digitizers to produce superior designs every time. We have passionate and experienced digital artists who can convert any artwork to digital format. Embroidery machines include applique embroidery as an option. We directly attach decorative fabrics to garments, such as lace. Our reverse applique technique allows us to create embroidered clothes and home décor items that are unique.

Here’s Why We Should Stand Tall With Pride:


Whenever we make a compromise, it affects the quality of the work. We train our digitizers to digitize accurately and meticulously without missing a stitch. When designed properly but not sewed, it is a waste of time, so we make sure our digitizers follow strict quality control procedures every time.

We take care of every curve and intricacy involved our digitizers will assist you in getting the right designs for your machines. Before completing the work, you will receive proofs at every step. Our team will then begin digitizing your design once you approve it. It is rare to find a company that works hard to complete your project with the same level of commitment.

Excellent Customer Service

The best company in the world cannot succeed without effective communication. Therefore, we have created a team of highly attentive, trained, and dedicated client representatives; always ready to provide you with the right advice. Customers can contact our customer service staff 24/7 and have access to their digitizer as well.

Communication provides the right level of quality in digitization, but it also builds trust with customers. We have direct contact with our digitizers, so you can see how the process of converting your artwork into digital files proceeds regularly. We believe this is the best method for serving you better and building your confidence in our service.

Consistency In Artwork:

We have a team of expert digitizers at Oddinfotech Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Designs capable of digitizing even the most complex artwork. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality digitizing artwork and ensure their complete satisfaction with their orders. We offer a full range of garment digitizing services at Oddinfotech, ranging from modern design to digitized vector files.

A Masterwork Of Art:

A cool skill to master is digitizing appliques. To master the art properly, one needs years of training, experience, and dedication. We assembled a team of talented and dedicated digitizers so that we can offer you the best designs. With the help of our professional digitizers, we can convert any artwork or embroidery design into high-quality seamless digitized files.