Embroidery Digitizing


Oddinfotech is one of the most trusted digital embroidery companies. As part of our commitment to quality, we provide embroidery digitizing services of the highest standard. Delivery on time is our top priority. We are sure that our custom embroidery digitizing services will be in high demand from time to time. You can look forward to plenty of benefits when you work with us, and here are a few of the ways we satisfy our clients’ needs through digitization.

Having worked in the embroidery digitizing industry for a very long time, Oddinfotech has experience in the field. Our extensive experience in embroidery digitizing allows us to provide the highest quality digitizing services to our customers. OddInfotech has focused on digitizing embroidery for businesses and industries locally since its inception.

Our embroidery digitizing service has grown to be one of the leading in the country over the past few years. We have become a leading international and local resource. We have used cutting-edge technology, digitized our knowledge, and developed massive infrastructure, allowing us to become a leading organization internationally and locally. We understand your digitizing service needs, and our experts can handle even the most challenging projects. Oddinfotech is well known for its embroidery digitizing services.

Oddinfotech is committed to providing its customers with embroidery digitizing services of uncompromising quality and for an affordable price. Our digitizing services take into account the final product. With our digitization process, we deliver the best cutting-edge technology and services. We optimize productivity through fewer thread breaks. Our embroidery machines stitch every digitized design to ensure its quality and compatibility. We will deliver the final product once the digitized design is fully approved.

We understand the importance of keeping up with the quality of delivery and meeting deadlines. It is all about staying competitive in the embroidery digitizing business. And this is why we have invested in such a large, high-quality facility and over 100 digitizers. We can handle urgent digitization jobs, embroidery jobs within the stipulated timeframe. Get in touch with us if you want us to digitize embroidery or convert vectors.

Digitizing Services For Embroidery

We convert images into machine embroidery file formats in a super-fast turn-around time. Converting a photograph to a digital format is different from digitizing an embroidery design. A well-designed embroidery logo is the result of logo digitization. Embroidery is different from screen printing. A digitizer focuses on stitches, while a screen printer focuses on graphics. The embroidery process requires a machine with special features, embroidery software, and expert digitizers. Visually representing a logo on clothing is possible with embroidery and digitizing.

Among the following types of digitizing services, Oddinfotech offers them all, and you can choose your desired service according to your needs,

  • Embroidery digitizing
  • Logo digitizing
  • 3D puff digitizing
  • Cap /hat digitizing
  • T-shirt monogram digitizing
  • Applique digitizing
  • Convert image to embroidery digitizing
  • Convert image to the embroidery pattern
  • PNG to embroidery digitizing
  • JPG to embroidery digitizing
  • DST, EMB, PXF, PCF embroidery digitizing

WHAT MAKES Oddinfotech The Number One Embroidery Digitizing Company?

Quick Turn-Around

Digitalization takes place within a short amount of time. We can digitize your design within hours.

Assurance of Quality

Our quality control process is strict. Before it reaches you, each design has gone through various quality checks.

Streamlined Checkout

We offer a safe and secure payment method. Our payment options include PayPal and all major credit cards.

Friendly Customer Service

Our support team is friendly and knows a lot about embroidery and printing. So we can help you with your technical problems.

Low Edit Rate

Our digitization process ensures that images won’t need any editing. If you would like to make changes of any kind, there will be no charge.

Digitized Embroidery Services

The number one priority of our embroidery digitizing service is to provide prompt service to clients. These aspects are of major importance to our digitizing business. The quality of our digitizing work is vital to our success. As a result, our clients’ businesses will improve as well.